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The Marine Seismology and Geoacoustics Group

This is the Home page of the Marine Seismology and Geoacoustics Group
at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Instituion.

Afganistan Earthquake as recorded by KIP, OSN1, and PFO

Finite Differnce Snapshot for Cannonical Seafloor Model
  • Ocean Bottom Seismometer Augmentation of the Philippine Sea Experiment (OBSAPS)
    • Cruise Report (PDF)
    • OBSAPS Software Operators Manual(PDF)
  • Drilling at the H2O Long Term Seafloor Observatory
    • Proposal as submitted (4/4/00)     (html)     (PDF)
    • The Effects of Local Structure on Seafloor Ambient Noise at the Hawaii-2 Observatory     (PDF)
    Summary of Wave Types at a Fluid-Solid Interface Figures:       Sediments       Basalt

Members of the Group:

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